Terms And Conditions



Olive Branch Cookery school is a hospitality business that provides interactive cooking experiences in a kitchen environment as well as catering services.


By booking any activity with Olive Branch Cookery School, you accept that you are bound by the terms and conditions herein. Olive Branch Cookery School reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

No bookings will be considered reserved if no payment has been received for any online, telephonic or electronic bookings. A proof of payment will be accepted as a booking and will only be confirmed once the funds have been cleared in our account.


Guests participating in events are required to arrive 15 minutes before the time indicated for the start of each class/event to settle in and consideration for traffic and parking should be taken into account. Guests arriving late will be allowed to participate in the class on the acceptance that Olive Branch Cookery School staff and chefs may not be required to repeat any information, tuition, materials, or notes.


Participants will be required to follow any food safety, hygiene and safety procedures at all times and follow all reasonable instructions issued by Olive Branch Cookery School personnel. All participants are responsible for advising Olive Branch Cookery School of any food allergies or food preferences at the time of booking. Ingredients used on our courses include a variety of potentially allergenic foods.  If any participants have not informed Olive Branch Cookery School of any form of food allergy, intolerances or preferences prior to the class, Olive Branch Cookery School will accept no responsibility for participants falling ill as a result of consuming, ingesting, handling or being exposed to any allergenic foods. Should we be advised of any participants with such allergies, intolerances or preferences, Olive Branch Cookery School will make every attempt to eliminate any potentially harmful foods from specific courses where possible.


Participants are responsible for their own property and well-being whilst on Olive Branch Cookery School premises and will not be liable for loss of or damage to any property or persons.  Events involve working with sharp knives and other utensils, handling hot objects, operating stoves, ovens and other appliances and other activities generally associated with food preparation and cooking. Participants are warned that there is a possibility of an accident causing injury, death or property damage or loss from participation in classes/events and preparation of dishes. The total liability of Olive Branch Cookery School to any participant for damages and injuries, regardless of the cause of action, whether contract or breach of statute or any legal or equitable obligation, is limited to the total price charged for any class/event booked, except where such liability arises solely as a direct result of the negligence of Olive Branch Cookery School or its partners/affiliates. Participants indemnify Olive Branch Cookery School or its partners/affiliates against all claims, loss, damage, costs or expenses arising from personal injury or death sustained by a Participant or anyone affiliated or connected with a participant, in connection with or resulting directly or indirectly from any Participant’s participation in classes/events (including, without limitation, any allergic reaction as a result of preparation or consumption of meals), except where such personal injury or death arise solely as a direct result of the negligence of Olive Branch Cookery School.


By accepting any online bookings participants agree to the terms of the indemnity on our booking system for all activities.

Payment can be made via Electronic Transfer only and a payment link will be sent with your booking.

Transaction currency is South African Rand (ZAR).


Upon request, Olive Branch Cookery School is able change your booking to another event which may take up to 2 days to effect. Course payments can be transferred to a different course no later than 48 hours before the course.

Any refunds requested and approved will be refunded at the cost of the course booked at the time of booking, excluding any booking fees. Refund request will be denied if made within 48 hours of the course’s schedule starting time.

Olive Branch Cookery School may at its sole discretion change classes and bookings, times, recipes, course content and agreements or any part thereof at any time without notice.

In the event that a course has fewer than 6 people attending, Olive Branch Cookery School may postpone the course to another date. Attendees will be allowed the option of changing their booking details as a result of this.


Vouchers that “hold” a value to them are valid for 1 year after date of issue unless otherwise stated, after such time the value of the voucher will be void.

Vouchers for specific classes are valid for 1 year after date of issue unless otherwise stated on the voucher, after such time the voucher will be void. Should the specified class be discontinued in any way before the voucher is used or void, Olive Branch Cookery School may reimburse the amount paid for that voucher.

Private events: Cost for private events, functions and catering are quoted on a per person basis and take into account all elements required for the function and may include costs from additional suppliers and vendors. A 50% deposit is required on booking and all costs are to be paid in full 7 days prior to any event. Should payment not be received within this time, the event will be deemed to be cancelled.


Participants consent to Olive Branch Cookery School and its subsidiary/partner companies sharing certain personal information, including but not limited to the participant’s name, email address and phone number for the purposes of scheduling and coordinating event, conducting research, marketing and promotional activities.  This includes photographs, film, tape and other images or likenesses of the participant, or any sound recording and using them for marketing and promotional purposes. Participants grant Olive Branch Cookery School permission to use their name and any recordings and/or photographic images, or other images or likenesses of the participant in any media and for any purpose without identification or compensation or payment of any kind. Participants and querents consent to receiving future promotional and marketing material from Olive Branch Cookery School. If you do not wish to receive promotional and marketing material from Olive Branch Cookery School, please inform us in writing and we will remove you from any marketing activities. Please refer to our website for further legal information regarding our personal information policies.

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